Rear bicycle child seat for bike sharing

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  • Location: Milan
  • Year: Since December 2018
  • Initiator: BikeMi (bike sharing operator)


The users of bike sharing could not use the service with children because there was no possibility of ad hoc bikes or bike seats.


The introduction of rear child seats on some bicycles in the bike sharing fleet allows the use by parents with children, therefore entire families, who otherwise could not use this mode of transport.


The bike sharing BikeMi in Milan, powered by the Municipality and the public transport company, introduced in December 2018 in its fleet 150 electric bikes equipped with rear child seats for children up to 20 kg weight with compulsory personal helmet. [1,2]


From 13 December 2018 to 10 January 2019 the electric bikes equipped with child seats have been used 2,816 times, for an average of 97 withdrawals per day. The values are actually lower than the average of the common bike sharing service, but probably the Christmas holidays and winter weather may have influenced the data.[3]


[1] Service description (IT)

[2] News (IT)

[3] News about the outcome (IT)

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