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To simplify the collection of feedback from passengers, a tool could be installed directly in the vehicles or at the stops. Possibly in the form of a tablet or other type of screen. This tool would make it possible to collect the opinions of passengers who would otherwise not have access to surveys or the like (e.g. people who do not travel online). In addition, one gets real-time opinions and can relate them to the data of the vehicle, time of day, line, etc. The collected data can be used as a basis for optimizing mobility services or for future route planning, etc. The surveys could also be adapted to the current day at any time (e.g. for sporting events, concerts, Christmas markets).


To consider when installing in vehicles:

  • Everyone should be able to get to it easily - possibly through a height-adjustable device and several tools should be distributed across the vehicle/at the stop (e.g. to avoid elderly people with walking aids having to walk through the vehicle to get to a device)


Premise - Simple and usable by all:

  • Uniform layout - clean, clear, unambiguous.
  • Simple yes/no queries
  • Choice query (single/multiple choice)
  • Ratings (stars)
  • Interaction via touch, pen, buttons (physically tangible) and speech
  • Language selection
  • Speech output/ speech input
  • Adjust font size
  • Easy language
  • Pictorial representation


  • Not everyone is used to using digital devices and touch screens, so provide multiple ways to interact with them - e.g. stylus, alternative buttons, haptic feedback, speech, etc.
  • Should be located so that they do NOT create a congestion of people in vehicles/at bus stops
  • Protection from wind and weather
  • Protection against theft and destruction
  • Passengers can quickly become frustrated during delays and cancellations. When using the tool at stops or even in the vehicles, unpleasant situations could then arise when passengers vent their displeasure and thus "unsettle" other passengers and/or the drivers as well. How could this problem be mitigated?

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