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My concept of a BUS STOP/BUS SHELTER is to transform it from a mere urban convenience to a vibrant space. Current bus tops are box like structures with a linear 'Q'flow. These spaces are usually dark and have a few uncomfortable wall mounted strip seats. Usually these are constructed with Aluminium Exterior Panels, Polycarbonate sheets etc. These undergo a lot of abuse and wear and tear. One usually finds graffiti and scratching on these panels, that have to be replaced/repainted. These are also not designed with effective social distancing!

My concept seeks to integrate URBAN GREENERY into the bus shelter space. This concept seeks to explore a different approach to the usual shelter by using a simple, MODULAR, ECONOMICAL, EASY TO MAINTAIN PRE=FABRICATED CONCRETE UNITS. These units will each have 1 Lounge seat with Charge port & light+2 individual seats+1 grabrail for leaning/standing/bike lock space+1 large solar light. As its pre-fabricated this module will have inbuilt moisture drainage, wiring etc.

Other than this module there is one central module which can be available in various cross sections and sizes. The central module will have an essentially tubular structure. The inner space is for planting flowering trees/seasonal/perennial/ trees/creepers etc. The main roof  of the shelter can be made of either semi-transparent FRP Sheets or Transparent Poly carbonate sheets, which will be eventually covered by the tree over a period of time.

The Pre-fabricated central core will have internal wiring and tamper proof LCD screens for INFORMATION DISPLAY and speakers. These LCD can be used for not only displaying bus info but also display messages of social importance. These screens can also be used for generating revenue for the City Council, by displaying advertisements for local businesses.

The concept is flexible in its modularity and can fit in to various available spaces . Small spaces can have 1or 2 modules with smaller cross-section central modules, while large spaces in the city centre can be ideal for using multiple modules with larger cross section central modules.

As its concrete, any type of graffiti will  over a period of time evolve into an urban art. Maybe, periodically children and adults could be encouraged to paint these with bright and beautiful urban art. Thus, over time replacments will not be required.

Inner city bus waiting areas will be transformed with the use of this type shelter design. More people will be able to use both during day and night hours without fear of enclosed dark spaces. The design inherently has lights placed over the seats and other standing areas. Wheelchair users, mothers with babies, older population with shopping trollies will all have more fluid but socially distanced space this shelter design.

Currently I am working on the concept more to resolve size, proportion and details. A 3D model is being created as well. I will share an updated version soon.

Thank you!



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