Recent improvements to cycling infrastructure

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  • Location: Ile de France, France
  • Year: 2020
  • Initiator : Prefecture Ile de France


The new infrastructure aims to provide cyclists with a greater sense of safety by providing visible physical separation from private vehicle lanes. Particular attention has been paid to replicating the existing transport axes that cross the metropolitan region by tracing the routes of RER commuter trains and metro lines.


In response to the transport challenges posed by the covid-19 pandemic, particularly with regard to the risks of overloading public transport, the Paris metropolitan region has set up a large number of temporary infrastructures for cyclists. These new cycle paths, known as "corona-pistes", have been designed to limit the attractiveness of using private vehicles, which are a key factor in air pollution.

This measure was made possible by a strong and coordinated political will throughout the metropolitan region to transform mobility practices.


This has made it easier for commuters to reach their workplaces within the city of Paris, and the city has seen a significant increase in bicycle use in recent months.

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