Public charging point concept designed for the TInnGO project by Sanjeevi Suganthi Pugazhenthi

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The UK’s transport industry is transitioning towards electric mobility in response to ongoing climate crisis and push from government. As the infrastructure is being developed, a variety of public charging points have been installed but some of them are unfriendly to a wide range of users.

The proposed public charging point concept considers accessibility, enhances user experience and is environmental friendly.

  •  The concept is made accessible to wheelchair users

  •  It has a display screen & accepts card payment also ‘removing the

    compelling need of smartphone apps’

  •  It is compatible with two types of charging plugs that are widely used in

    electric vehicles: Type 2 plug & CCS plug

  •  The concept has ‘retractable connecting cables’; users do not need to carry heavy charging cable from their car boot and connect the charging point and car’s socket (a strenuous task for elderly)

  •  The charging point structure is ‘narrow’ and positioned along the road- side edge of the pavement/ sidewalk to ‘reduce its footprint on the pavement’ and to ‘avoid trip hazard’

  •  A perch seat is provided (on the pavement side) to accommodate two persons (either charging point users or pedestrians)

  •  The concept also has ‘different plants’ which can attract bees and contribute to the environment; this adds greenery and beauty to streets

  •  Small water collectors are provided to collect rain water so that birds & bees can drink & recharge themselves

  •  Sustainable materials such as Hempcrete and Pinatex could be used

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