Increase women’s security on public transport

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  • Location: Genoa
  • Year: 2019
  • Initiator: ATP Azienda Trasporti Provinciali


Promotion of a campaign against gender violence at bus stops and increase of security on vehicles.


The public transport company ATP developed measures to increase women's security in Genoa. A first project is implemented in collaboration with the Genoa Centre for Non-Undergoing Violence. It involves installing information panels at the bus stops, mostly in the areas where an evening and nocturnal service is operated. Moreover, the company decided to install CCVs on board for the passengers’ security, most of all for women. It is worth observing that mounting devices is not an obligation, but a precise corporate choice.


The bus stops are provided with some panels clearly visible that remember the telephone numbers to call in case of emergency and the presence and the locations of anti-violence centres on the territory too. The company decided to create an efficient control system with a minimum of 5 video surveillance cameras on all the 42 vehicles that they have purchased. Moreover, some seated reserved for pregnant women and new mothers are made available on board.


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[3] Press article on a local newspaper

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