Ride Sharing waiting space. Design Provocation No. 5

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DP5 is a much larger, complete interactivity space. It is self-illuminated, integrates a laminated glass screen for a more room-like feel; with a form that gives a 180 degree sight line.

The design has a shallow overhang, to catch light and reduce the thickness of the shape, which would otherwise appear to be heavy overhead. The overhang continues throughtout the form, down to the ground, where the angle is low enough that it does not present an issue to wheelchair users, nor a trip hazard.

The external surface appears to be a tacile, natural finish wood to prevent the aesthetic becoming industrial.

The overall form is suitable for up to 4 users.

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2 years ago

Thanks Anglela. The set of designs were mainly about the 'space' and installing a number of large, semi-temporary, open enclosures but indeed, integrated, retractable seating would be a great feature.

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2 years ago

Molto interessanti tutti gli spazi di attesa progettati e molto utili; credo che tutti dovrebbero però prevedere almeno un paio di posti a sedere, magari a scomparsa per non occupare troppo spazio se non necessari!

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