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Travelling should be a fun experience, but for parents and carers the most insignificant event could cause great nuisance. From having nowhere to stow pushchairs to having nobody keeping an eye on older relatives, having to use the loo becomes a real challenge that needs to be anticipated while travelling. This concept tries to raise awareness and sparks discussion regarding parents and carers’ needs for a toilet while travelling.


Being a starting point, the concept exists as a retrofit to current toilet designs, rearranging the space of two cubicles. Currently, the plan to develop the concept includes utilising a sliding door partition to split the two spaces, allowing for more flexibility and visual playfulness. Would this concept help parents and carers while travelling? What do you think of the development plan?

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2 years ago

In general, it is not possible to use the train/plane toilets with kids and babies. That is especially hard on long journeys. Therefore, when travelling more than one hour, I choose to go by car or to be accompanied by another adult.

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2 years ago

 more toilets  - and better functioning...  I hat to say it but I would like to have a choice.. womens/ and universal toilets.. + behaviour guidelines...  men should sit down in train toilets etc


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