Stops: Waiting time = employment time for children

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Especially when the frequency of public transport leaves a lot to be desired and you have to spend longer waiting times at stops, it can quickly become boring for children. So that they can keep themselves busy and let off some creative steam, I have the following idea:

Directly on the bus shelters at the stops, you could give children an area to draw. Here in Germany, bus shelters vary in size depending on the location of the stop. Most of them are covered with glass. Along the lower part of the outer wall of this glass cladding one could install screens/tools similar to the well-known children's toy magic boards/in the glass. The magic board effect allows you to erase the previous drawings over and over again, so that children can repeatedly use the same areas.

You could also derive a community project from this: If you actually use digital screens for this, all drawings can be saved on demand. And every week/month a winning picture can be chosen either at random or by a jury. This winning picture could, for example, be displayed on the screens in the public transport vehicles for a certain period of time, or collectible objects (e.g. plastic coins) could be printed with it and given away (via tourist offices, ticket sales points of public transport providers, etc.).

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2 years ago

Please see link below to Ron's design provocation around this subject:


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