Reduction in fares for public transport at regional level

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  • Location: Marche, Italy
  • Year: Since 2018
  • Initiator: Marche Region in Italy


Italian national regulation only indicates the need of proposing advantageous conditions for certain categories of travellers, but it is up to the regions, provinces or municipalities to determine these conditions. Overall, these discounts are addressed mainly to people with disabilities and elderly, sometimes to students and to low income families. These discounts are commonly implemented thanks to the interest of regions that are the ones that guarantee proper funding after having decided the categories that would benefit from the discounts. However, the same actions can be proposed by provinces, municipalities or by the transport operators themselves.


Fares reduction on regional public transport for certain categories of users.


Marche region deliberates on the users’ categories that would take advantage of the reductions on the public transport fees. These benefits are addressed mainly to low income people living in the region and to invalid, disabled, over 65 people or unemployed people. Students can have reduction on their annual pass too. Finally, low-income pregnant women can require specific benefits too. The different public transport companies operating in the region apply these discounts on their passes and tickets following their own rules. In this region is located Ancona, where a special reduced monthly pass named ‘pink pass’ is available for women travelling in off-peak hours. The experience of the benefit proposed by Marche Region to low income pregnant women or women travelling with new borns can be shown to other regions.


[1] Resolution of the Regional Executive of the Region Marche.

[3] Azienda Trasporti e Mobilita di Ancona e Provincia (ATMA)’s Resolution on fares reductions for certain users categories.

[4] START Spa’s Resolution on fares reduction for certain users categories.

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