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Travelling can cause anxiety for supported individuals and their families/carers, a relaxation room is a much needed quiet/safe place to temporarily escape from the busy and ever-changing environment of travel.

Relaxation rooms (quiet/safe places) could be located in public places such as:

  • shopping centres,

  • bus stations,

  • train stations,

  • and airports etc.;

A sign logo design for these rooms needs to be one that is clear, easily recognisable, and accurately represents a relaxing quiet/safe place for supported individuals.


Which of the three designs (please see ‘Relaxation room sign designs’ image) do you think best represents a relaxation room (quiet/safe place) for supported individuals?

Please use the comment section below to let us know what you think.

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2 years ago

Version 3 makes more sense but needs to be adjusted:

1. 80 -90% black for any line work, essentially a very dark grey, which remains fully legible.

2. Remove the roof overhangs - its obvious it is a roofline but its doesnt need to be so obvious that it dominates the graphic. Removing the overhang also lends a more contemporary look.

3. Similarly, the thickness of the roofline is not necessary. One continuous line, of the same weight, will imporve the graphic

4. The inner shade of the abstracted sunflower needs to be a further lighter shade, possibly 70%.

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The designs are interesting. Although, in my view, the logo design could have some colours [one or two soothing colours] and include a silhoutte of a person sitting inside the home. Also, the line thickness of home silhoutte could be reduced. Designs 2 & 3 look like the flower is trapped inside the house; may be scaling down the object inside the house would work. 

Clear communication to users might also need some 'text' along with the logo. 

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2 years ago

N 2...too dark in N 1

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2 years ago

Designs 2 and 3 both have the "flower within a house" feature, which, in my opinion, best conveys shelter as the flower is being protected by the house. Out of these two, I prefer Design 2, as it is less busy, and I think that it has a clearer intent than 3. Although, could the centre of the flower be changed slightly, so that it is a little brighter (like Design 3)?

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2 years ago

Design 1 makes me think of a temple, Design 2 makes me think of a garden and Design 3 makes me think of bees for some reason. I think maybe playing around with something more literal and recoganisable would be more useful such as the peace symbol etc. Not too sound harsh or anything, just my personal thoughts haha. Although If I had to pick then I would select Design 1. The flower petal reflect a sense of nature more then peace but it gives the illusion of you being surrounded by it in a room which is nice.

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2 years ago

I prefer design 2. I found design 3 too busy.

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2 years ago


I like photo number 2. Simple, clear in message, it reminds me of the sun and sunflowers in summer. I feel relaxed looking at picture number 2 :)

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2 years ago

It`s going to be number 3 for me. I like the waves :) 

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2 years ago

In my opinion, Design 3 the best represents a relaxation room for supported individuals. When I look at it I see shelter, support, peace and help. The white colour simmers me down and inspire my trust.

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