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Real-time service information at bus stops is often not delivered in a way that is accessible for people with visual impairments; there are screens featuring timetables which indicate the final destinations of the bus and time of arrival/departure, but there tends to be a lack of audio announcements.

This could be mitigated through smaller eye level checkpoints at each stop which read out real-time information, resulting in people who have blindness (or generally struggle to read displays that are higher up/further away) being able to access and make use of that same information.

In what other ways could real-time updates and information be made more accessible to people with visual impairments?

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2 years ago

Bella idea! Sicuramente può essere molto utile e magari si potrrebbe anche pensare di utilizzare App comuni di monitoraggio dei mezzi pubblici che possano fornire le informazioni anche tramite audio (forse ci sono già?) di arrivo del mezzo in fermata . Questo richiederebbe un matching di posizione molto accurato.

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