Bus Feedback Mini App Companion. Designed for the TInnGO project by Ronald Jurianto

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Made to accompany the Bus Feedback Interface, the Mini App allows for the same level of feedback collection as the interface even when users are still on a bus. Geared more towards passengers more comfortable with operating smartphones, the program could be summoned by scanning the QR code available throughout the bus or through an automated weblink shared by NFC beacons near the bus door. The Mini App offers convenience as users need not queue for an available Bus Feedback Interface, while the automated nature of the prompt would allow feedbacks from people who would otherwise not share their thoughts.

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3 years ago

This is a nice solution for all those who are skilled in using digital devices (smartphones, etc.) and whose devices are compatible with this system.
However, the question of data protection still needs to be clarified. What data is recorded, stored and processed?
In addition, unnecessary hurdles for users, such as creating an account, etc., should be avoided. 
It is also important for the implementation and acceptance of such a system that it is not only easy to handle for the users, but also easy and inexpensive to implement, maintain and adapt on the part of the providers (transport company, city, etc.).

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