Lime Able program in the US - to be replicated in Europe?

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Lime has launched a new program in the US to make their vehicles more accessible to all.

"At Lime, we believe in providing mobility to all, which is why we introduced our first adaptive vehicles in Oakland in January 2020 and have since expanded the service to several other cities.
For users with unique mobility needs, accessing vehicles in the public right-of-way can be difficult. Instead, for a fixed, refundable daily deposit, we deliver the vehicle to the user's location and pick it up after use.
Designed for users who are not comfortable or able to use our electric bikes and scooters, or who need storage capacity to carry vital medical equipment (such as a cane or other medical device).dical equipment (such as a cane, braces or oxygen equipment), our accessible fleet presents a variety of options to ensure that micro mobility is available to all."

Why not launch this program in European cities?

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