Very Light Rail. Designed for the TInnGO project by Ronald Jurianto

Topic DesignSafety and securityWomen needs in transport New technologiesNew mobility forms

Very Light Rail is created to provide clean and accessible intra-urban transport for the masses. Boasting an electric drivetrain coupled with shallow rails, it brings greatly reduced tailpipe, tyres particulate matter, and sound emission. Unlike traditional public transports, wheelchair and pushchair users are given a priority space at front of the vehicle. Dedicating a cargo collection area at the stop allows users to conveniently and safely collect their parcels. Meanwhile, the interior focuses on simplicity without limiting options by adopting seats that adjust its direction according to the passengers’ preferences. Three visually distinct versions are proposed; a copper-accented minimalist-architecture inspired vehicle, an open-glass roofed vehicle, and a harlequin-coloured vehicle and stop.

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3 years ago

The priority space for passengers with wheelchair or pram are great. The same apllies to the rotating walls - that would have been a help in times of Covid and social distancing ;)

With regards to the visual design I prefere the harlequin-coloured vehicle and stop as long as they are semi-transparent. In combination with the rotating walls this would also provide a safe/ private environment in the vehicles even for activities like breast feeding. 

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3 years ago

Lovely artwork Ron.

The text above is quite compressed. As I know there is a lot of thought behind this, I suggets you number the images in the gallery and describe their important aspects specifically.

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