The GammaDonna Association

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  • Location: Italy
  • Year: Since 2004
  • Initiator: GammaDonna Association


The non-profit association GammaDonna® supports and promotes the growth of the role of women as entrepreneurs in order to contribute to a sustainable and lasting economic development for the country and at the same time reduce the gender gap in the socio-economic field.

Since 2004 the GammaDonna Association has been working for the cultural change of the country.
In particular:

  • it operates as a "talent scout" of innovative models of doing business

  • it enhances the entrepreneurial initiative of women and young people

  • it encourages networking between start-ups, established companies, investors, Big Corp and institutions.


The work of the Association is carried out through a programme of initiatives which are based on two main activities:

  • GammaDonna Award for innovative female entrepreneurship, recognition of creativity and innovation in doing business [2].

  • GammaForum internazionale dell'Imprenditoria femminile e giovanile, a reference event in Italy, awarded several times by the President of the Republic for its high content and aims [3].


[1] Association website:



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