Nursery Pavilion - Interior. Designed for the TInnGO project by Ronald Jurianto

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Inside, the nursery pavilion combines organic, fluid design with strong vertical geometry in an attempt to blend the two polar opposites, as another metaphor of renormalising breastfeeding into our urban culture. This metaphor is extended further by the use of willow, hemp and recycled polypropylene as the main material of the interior. The modular furniture increases the pavilion’s utility, while at the core lies a family space purpose-made to create quality time together whilst children need attending to. Carefully picked materials allow the pavilion to have another live long after its has been taken down, making it more than just a mere exhibition.

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Hi Paul, in regards to the dimension please see additional content titled 'Nursery Pavilion Interior with Size annotation' attached in the gallery. Thank you for your feedback.

25/02/2021 16h26

Hi Andree, thank you for your feedback. I imagine that this solution would be most useful at public squares. Alternatively, it would also be suitable at retail parks. It would be great to be able to discuss further with what you have in mind regarding this project, would you be available for further discussion?

16/02/2021 14h31


Hi Paul, thank you for the feedback. Regarding the dimension, they are shown on the post about the exterior of the pavilion linked here However, I will make the necessary adjustments so that the dimensions would also show up on this post. It would be great to be able to discuss further with what you have ... Voir plus

16/02/2021 14h27

Hi Ron

where do you imagine this could be used?

13/02/2021 13h23

To be clear, please will you indicate the scale, some approximate dimensions?

12/02/2021 17h34
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