The Drone That Assists With Your Shopping

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Drones tend to be associated with the military and monitoring purposes, resulting in distrust of the technology. However, there is potential to apply drone technology to areas that can assist people with their everyday routines more directly.

An example would be through shopping, specifically with carrying the shopping home for the customer. This would be part of a scheme that supermarkets organise, where a drone is provided to customers and the shopping is loaded into the drone. The drone proceeds to travel home with the customer, where the customer unloads the shopping, and the drone travels back to the supermarket (the drones would be owned by the supermarkets rather than the customers so that they are functional rather than recreational).


Could this scheme be developed further? How could the drone be adapted to create a more seamless design?

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2 years ago

I think that many car journeys are based around the need to store shopping. This could encourage peole to walk, cycle, take public transport if the shopping is no longer a concern.


I could also see a potential for improving peoples feelings of security maybe

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