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Here are some designs  in answer to the brief given by the Romanian hub (click the link to see the brief: https://oip.transportgenderobservatory.eu/ideas-lab-contribution-112). Originally, the brief asked for a separate booth that can be attached to bus stops, to be used by people to do sports. As the brief was explored , we realized that there was a lot of potential for the idea to be further developed and possibly also adapted to larger areas, such as parks, bus hubs, or any large public areas. Through the sketching phase, the use of different shapes and how they would influence the space were explored. After consideration and discussions with the UK hub, we decided that the space devoted for sports should not be fully enclosed, because that would reduce the space available inside, therefore reducing the number of people who can use the interface at once. 

Some exercises that could be included on the interface:

1. Mindfulness and Breathing exercises  

This could include but is not limited to: Tai Chi, Simple Yoga poses, Breathing practice*, Relaxation/ meditation exercises

* Breathing practice: Breathing is necessary for human life, so you would think that with years of practice, we would have mastered the art of breathing. Well, that's not the case. In fact, most people don't actually know how to breathe correctly. Breathing practice would be designed to teach you how to master the ancient art of relaxing your shoulders, head and neck, inhaling air to your stomach and slowly exhale through your mouth. This exercise is very important and can be used for meditation purposes, but also to improve your resistance when doing sports.

2. Warmup exercises 

This could include but is not limited to: Squats, Side/ front lunges, calf raises, core exercises using weights (bags/ backpacks), bicep curl ups using weights (bags/ backpacks) 

3: Dynamic stretching and balance exercises 


It is important to mention the fact that throughout this process, many discussions about the types of exercises people judged to be appropriate to do at bus stops have risen, the conclusion being that it is extremely difficult to judge which exercises people will feel comfortable doing and which they will prefer to avoid, as that will highly depend on gender, age, cultural and social background, and level of fitness ability. We have therefore decided that, like any sport app (which acts as an open platform), we will propose a wide variety of training exercises and let people decide for themselves which they want and do not want to do. More exercises can be added through software updates, and the list may be modified by the sports and wellbeing administration of the city in which the interface is placed. The only restriction that needs to be set is that all exercises should be done standing and some exercises can use passenger’s bags and backpacks. 


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3 years ago

Sport + Sustainability + Entertainment

I recently discovered the following post on FB : https://www.facebook.com/EcoWatch/videos/915868555855102/

The idea is great and could also be implemented at public transport stops. However, the stops are often very narrow (at least here in Germany), so smaller sports activities/equipment would have to be installed instead of the swing. Maybe rather running equipment or any kind of activities that are suitable for children, so that the equipment is useful in a double sense and keep children busy/entertained despite waiting.

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3 years ago

Congrats, Solenza for developing in such an outstanding way our brief idea. Anyway, we initially imagined it not as a clasic booth ( where people have to step in and do their exercises, 1-o-1 man and machine) but an open space area with a pc app and camera system ( a kind of wall like those used for tickets vending) wich observe and/ or record the exercises and reward them if they're done accordingy. Anyway, you took it to another level in your post and i really do believe it could be a first step in changing the way people are used to spend their waiting time in transportation systems. Congrats, again!

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3 years ago

This is an interesting idea. I think it would be most used at transport hubs where people had longer to wait. I think some of the imagery of the exercises should feature people wearing their everyday outdoor clothes and maybe a rucksack or shoulder/handbag to show what could be done without having to be in 'sporty' dress.  

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