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Diee Idee

Angepasst und gebrandmarkt als ein Wortspiel zwischen Pink und Ecke, ist die Idee, einen speziellen Wartebereich für Frauen innerhalb des öffentlichen Verkehrssystems (Bus-/ Zug-/ U-Bahn-/ Straßenbahnstationen und Terminals) zu gestalten. Da die Farbe Pink bereits mit Weiblichkeit assoziiert wird, geht die vorgeschlagene Kampagne über dieses Konzept hinaus und schärft das Bewusstsein durch visuelle Grafiken (schriftliche Botschaften) an Schlüsselstellen in einer Gemeinde.

Beispiel: 4 von 8 Wartesitzen in einer Busstation können in 4 rosafarbene umgewandelt werden, wobei die folgenden Botschaften in blauen Buchstaben auf einem rosafarbenen Hintergrund hervorgehoben werden:


Ein Ort, um IHR Respekt zu zollen.

Oder IHR Ihren RESPEKT zu zeigen. Geben Sie IHR diesen Platz.

Oder REServiert für RESST und RESPEKT.


Eine Kampagne zur Förderung der Gleichberechtigung im Verkehr powered by TInnGO

Der/die Ort(e), um sie anzuwenden

In jeder Stadt eines jeden TInnGo-Partners, in ganz Europa.

Die Kosten

Der Vorschlag beinhaltet Kosten für das Design des Konzepts, für den Druck der Aufkleber für jeden identifizierten Ort und für die rosa Stühle/Bänke etc.

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1 month ago

An interesting idea but it brings up some issues. There are currently some  campaigns against gender stereotyping with  colour  (e.g. why are girls toys/clothes pink and boys blue?) - this gender stereotyping  makes no allowance for individual choice and is not diversity sensitive - there is plenty of research to support a move away from this.  It worries me that in this design idea women need to be 'segregated' on special seats to have respect - the segregation itself could be humiliating. There are (or were)  certainly 'ladies waiting rooms'  on some railway stations in the UK, (traditionally) but I wonder if they are now being rebranded simply for anyone.  However,  I think the idea of a 'quiet place' at transport waiting areas, is a good one that could be used by anyone needing to feel private or safe, older people, vulnerable people, people feeling unwell, depressed or tired, parent with a baby, for example.  

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1 month ago

Thank you for raising this idea. The concept of safe spaces in public transport systems is definitely one that requires further discussion and design solutions, however labelling them as pink spaces  perpetuates stereotypes and would not be an acceptable feature in many countries. I would would also suggest that solutions developed for this is idea incorporate an intersectional approach, i.e., what about elderly people, both men and women? They may also need a safe seated space. 

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1 month ago

Is the pink necessary to spread the message of respect? Is this only going to be targeted towards cisgendered women, or can it be adapted to include all genders (ie: non binary, agender, transgender, etc...)?

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1 month ago

Why do people not respect women and other groups in their everyday lives? (is it a lack of understanding, or are there other resasons?) Answering that may bring us closer to understanding how to change people's behaviors towards those groups. 

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1 month ago

How are we going to encourage respect to be followed through after people leave the PinKorner? I imagine the PinKorner is only a starting point for women to be treated with respect, and hopefully the respect that is given to women there, can be shown everywhere, at all time.

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1 month ago

In general, I love diversification of sitting areas so I think it`s a great idea. One size does not fit all! My question: what are the other (apart from the pink colour) distinctive features of the female area (in terms of design)?   

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1 month ago

Nice idea! I can`t see any images...

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