#WOMENINTRANSPORT: Promoting gender balance in STEM studies and the transport sector

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In Italy, the share of women employed in the transport sector is 21.9%, and only a fraction of them hold managerial positions. Is there a gender balance? What are the motivations for a woman to pursue a career in the transport sector? Can her choice be influenced by her educational background?

The aim of the event on 30 November 2020 is to create a moment of confrontation on the issues of gender balance in the transport sector with the point of view of the working world and school education, in particular related to STEM.

What did the event leave you with? Did you find interesting food for thought? Do you have experiences to tell or examples to point out? Are there any aspects that were not addressed that you think should be discussed? Do you think it is possible to pursue a career in this field, regardless of gender?

Share your opinions and ideas here!

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Il workshop è stato un momento di confronto molto interessante, che possiamo dire ha inoltre stimolato il pubblico e le relatrici alla conoscenza delle attività del progetto. Le relatrici hanno esposto in modo molto interessante e coinvolgente la loro esperienza personale lavorativa.

Purtroppo nel 2020 gli stereotipi esistono ancora sia durante la formazione STEM e nella scelta di essa, che durante l’ambito lavorativo nel settore trasporti che è ... Voir plus

01/12/2020 15h13
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