France: National plan of action for fighting sexual harassment on public transport

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  • Location: France
  • Year: 2015
  • Initiator: The French Government


To fight sexual harassment in public transport.


  • Define and measure sexual harassment and sexual violence in public spaces, in particular in public transport;
  • Work closely with transport operators in order to adapt the alarm system together with the transport actors and communicate it to all actors in this field;
  • Train professionals in the transport sector to deal with sexual harassment and sexual violence in public transport sector and to guide victims of such violence;
  • Develop the organisation of the public transport system to better take into account women’s needs, e.g. stops on demand, longer hours of the public transport means, etc.;
  • Reduce the exposure of both women and men to sexual commercials, e.g. in slogans, images, etc.;
  • Improve the knowledge of public institutions so that they are better prepared to recognize and deal with acts of harassment;
  • Initiate a national awareness-raising campaign that was made in cooperation with civil society;
  • Integrate actions against sexual harassment in public policies for education to equality and sexuality;
  • Ensure a proper application of the law;
  • Ensure necessary human and financial resources to implement the national action plan.


[1] Press release describing the initiative.

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