Bike sharing service for all people

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  • Location: Turin
  • Year: 2019
  • Initiator: City of Turin


Allow all people of the city, also those with disabilities and reduced mobility, to access the bike sharing service.


The bike sharing mobility operator is proposing two different kinds of means. [TO] Hand Bike is composed of a fleet of particular city bikes, with three wheels, equipped with a special mechanism for "pedaling" with the hands and some devices. [TO] EASYBike, instead, allows standard wheelchairs to be transformed into Handbike.

Everyone can use the vehicles, but the project is mainly aimed at people with disabilities and reduced mobility ability.

The service provides for the delivery of vehicles directly from the user's home and collection at the end of the rental.


Turin has been the first city offering a handbike sharing service in Italy, with a starting offer of 9 bikes for users with special needs: 6 hand bikes + 3 easybikes.  [2]


[1] Website of the operator offering the service

[2] Press article on national press:

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