Carpooling for Ladies only

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  • Location: Worldwide
  • Year: Since 2016
  • Initiator: BlaBlaCar (carpooling operator)


Some women, for safety reasons, are likely to prefer to take shared trips only with other women, especially if they are having their first experiences with carpooling.


A service to make women feel safer when using carpooling.


The carpooling operator BlaBlaCar proposes a special trips category: “Ladies Only”. When a woman member of carpooling service select a trip can choose to see all the Ladies Only rides offered by female drivers. This kind of trip is also possible for women accompanied by children up to 12 years of age.


The carpooling operator states that the service is rarely used and usually only used when a female member uses BlaBlaCar for the first time. “In fact, 99.4% of rides on BlaBlaCar are offered to both men and women” probably because full profiles, with a photo, mini-bio, preferences, verified contact details and ratings left by other members, are enough in creating trust between members, regardless of gender.


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