Mobility training for mobility-impaired and older people

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  • Location: Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Year: 2019
  • Initiator: the Karlsruhe transport association KVV in cooperation with the public transport operator Karlsruhe VBK


Uncertainty and lack of experience in using trams or buses on the side of mobility impaired users and/or elderly people.


The Karlsruhe transport association KVV offers in cooperation with the public transport operator Karlsruhe VBK a mobility training for the use of public transport. The training gives the participants the opportunity to practice different entry situations at their leisure as well as the safe stay in the vehicles. For example, wheelchair and rollator users, blind and visually impaired people are shown how to get information and orientation in a tram or a bus. The aim of the training is to help the participants gain more independence. The offer is addressed to passengers with restricted mobility and their companions.


[1] Press release describing KVV and VBK mobility training.

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