Digital Skill: Voice output of public transport timetable information via Alexa

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  • Location: Munich, Germany
  • Year: Since August 2018
  • Initiator: MVV


Facilitating the access to connections, next departures or information on timetable changes via digital devices for young people and visually impaired people.


Since 2018, MVV has been offering a skill for Amazon Alexa for the voice output of timetable information.

Functions of the skill:

  • using the signal word “Send me that”, calculated public transport connections are automatically forwarded to the e-mail address stored in the Alexa app, provided the user has given access to it.
  • using the signal word “Settings”, users can adapt their connection search to their personal needs (e.g. walking speed, choice of means of transport, routes with few changes, short walking distances).


[1] MVV Press release.

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