Carriage of e-scooters in public buses

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  • Location: Potsdam, Germany
  • Year: Since June 2018
  • Initiator: The public transport operator in Potsdam (ViP)


Facilitating the use of public transport for people with mobility impairments.


Since June 2018, public transport operator Potsdam (ViP) has been allowing passengers with mobility impairments to take their e-scooters with them on its regular buses. Condition for this :

  • The user of the e-scooter must hold a severely handicapped pass with the mark “G” (handicapped)
  • The user must be able to get on and off the bus independently and to park the e-scooter in the bus properly and safely (ViP offers mobility training for this purpose).


[1] Information about this initiative on the ViP website.

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