Assisted Mobility

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  • Location: Cottbus, Germany
  • Year: Since 2009
  • Initiator: The Cottbus transport company and the Diakonie Niederlausitz


Facilitating the use of public transport for elderly people and/or people with mobility impairments.


Since 2009, the Cottbus transport company and the Diakonie Niederlausitz have been offering “The attendants”. An escort service to help senior citizens, passengers with mobility impairments and anyone who needs support and orientation for bus and train travel. This includes:

  • assistance on the way from the door of the apartment to the Destination
  • assistance with entry and Exit
  • assistance with the purchase of tickets,
  • assistance with orientation at important changeover stops and with the changeover itself
  • individual support for persons with reduced mobility

The assistance service can be ordered by telephone.


[1] Cottbus transport website with information about the escort service.

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