Bus school for first graders

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  • Location: Cottbus, Germany
  • Year: Ongoing
  • Initiator: Mr Bernd Bauersachs in cooperation with the police and the Cottbus traffic control


“Classroom on four wheels” for the next generation of public transport users. Here children learn the rules for safe and social behaviour in a bus in a practical way.


Make sure children learn how to behave in public transport.


The bus school is run by the police and the Cottbus traffic control. In addition, a look behind the scenes is given by introducing the children to the inner and outer life of buses. The training focuses on the following aspects:

  • correct behavior at bus stops while waiting for the bus
  • practicing entering the bus without pushing and shoving
  • secure hold on the bus during the ride
  • practicing a mindful exit

On average, around 1,000 children take part in the bus school every year.


[1] Official Cottbus website .

[2] A video showing how to correctly use public transport.

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