A tram on which the portraits of women of the gender equality movement are depicted

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  • Location: Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany
  • Year: 2020
  • Initiator: The Brandenburg an der Havel city


The Brandenburg Women’s Week has a long tradition and focuses on the goals and tasks of women’s political work. To this end, lectures, workshops as well as social, cultural and sporting events take place in Brandenburg an der Havel.


Raise awareness about the positive contribution that girls and women made to advance the topic of gender equality.


As part of the 30th Brandenburg Women’s Week, a tram was introduced in February 2020 under the motto “Back to the Future”, depicting girls and women who have advanced the topic of gender equality in the past and in modern times. In addition, a brochure provides insights into the women’s biographies.


[1] Branderburg city website describing the tram on tour initiative.

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