The initiative “Protect Future Mother”

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  • Location: Vilnius, Lithuania, Baltic countries
  • Year: 2018-now
  • Initiator: Vilnius city municipality and the municipal public transport manager “Susisiekimo paslaugos”


Pregnant women are having difficulties using public transport.


Reduce the difficulties experienced by pregnant women in using public transport in the city of Vilnius.


In 2018 the Vilnius city municipality together with the municipal public transport manager “Susisiekimo paslaugos” launched the “Protect Future Mother” initiative with the objective of raising awareness on the solidarity needed towards pregnant women. Members of the society do not always notice or pay appropriate attention to pregnant women in the public transport, they do not give up their seat, etc.

The initiators provided free badges to pregnant women with the message “there is one more person” so that they could place it on their clothes while being in public places and spread awareness and information on the initiative.


It is expected that this initiative will contribute to a friendly and compassionate behaviour in public transport.


[1] Initiative’s poster.

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