Bus Stop Comfort - Concept Design, Designed for the TInnGO project by Sanjeevi Suganthi Pugazhenthi

Topic DesignTransport patterns & user needs

In exploring the concept of bus stop comfort, this concept has flower-inspired seats. The design explores user perception of bus stops and aesthetic cues to attract users. The seats are positioned around a suspending stem, introducing a nature inspired aesthetic sense of play. A single continuous lower surface on the floating seat transitions into a raised surface in a cyclic manner. The three seating structures are provided at different heights for people of all age groups, from children to elderly. Colour choice in this concept intentionally avoids the typical glass and steel that is so familiar in cities. In particular, yellow is used as it symbolizes ‘happiness and fun’.


Development based on feedback (comments): Weather protection & space for wheelchair/ buggy

The design has been developed and updated as response images 1 & 2. Leaf inspired panels (transparent) are provided on the side for weather protection. Seats are angled (subtle) so that they would be dry during showers. Roof is extended and so covers a larger area, accommodating wheelchairs and baby buggies. The concept [design provocation] is proposed as a balance between an 'open & user friendly bus stop' and a 'shelter with weather protection'. 

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3 years ago

Flower-inspired seats = Cool and very creative look :) 

But the same comment as on the other design: I am worried about what will happen if its raining or snowing. The seats will probably get wet, freeze and/or be covered in snow during the changig season. So it is not likely that they will be used in such situations. Do you see any possibility to counteract that?

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Hi Andree, I would be happy to talk with you about the concept if you are available.

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Hello Janet, thank you for your comments and suggestion. 

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3 years ago

This is labelled 'comfort'.

How is this defined, and how has it become embodied in the design concept


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3 years ago

I understand the nature aesthetic but the use of materials appears hard and unforgiving. I can see people easily banging their legs and bruising themselves on the seats. How could this be softened?

Also the vertical pillars do not seem to reflect the flower shaped seats.

Like Janet I am worred about the level of shelter provided against the elements, which is a real problem for all passengers.  Also in the current configuration it does not appear that buggies or wheelchairs have space in the shelter

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3 years ago

I love the aesthetic. Flowers and colour are inviting shapes. I think it would be great in summer when the weather is good. I understand the concept of having an 'open' feel to the bus stop. But rain and cold wind often comes sideways, so I can see this shelter as a forlorn place in bad weather.  Perhaps some drain holes in the seats would help them dry out quickly in summer showers.  

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