Ride Sharing waiting space. Design Provocation No. 6

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DP6 plays with the idea that the kiosk space with a smooth, brightly lit interior could be in contrast on the exterior where the surface is more coarse and tactile - hence the refence to tree bark; albeit abstracted to the cylinder shown in the images

There may be a benefit to such spaces among city architecture since the feeling of woodland could be referenced.

The design is iluminated from the top and intended for one user.

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2 years ago

Hi Robin, it could be integrated yes. Perhaps that is slightly different thinking then; do we design a seat for the built environment, that doubles as a waiting space for ride sharing systems? The question might be, in term of the design brief, where is the priority? Lets discuss firther and find an iterative solution. Thanks, Paul.

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2 years ago

Should there be a seat inside it to make it easier for elderly?

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