Emergency Drone Service

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From routinely transporting patients to rescuing those struck by disaster, the aid provided by air mobility is a vital service. Issues are associated with, the more generalised configuration (of existing air service) not being optimised for specific services such as maternity but those usability and comfort problems can now be tackled with the emergence of drone technology, more agile vehicles, and modular flexibility in terms of function and task.

This design concept is focussed on deploying drone technology where quick response and precise location is required. A vehicle like this can be beneficial in terms of providing a spacious interior, designed to support patients and health care providers, with easy accessibility to both the vehicle and to necessary equipment.

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2 years ago

Hashir, I think we need more clarity on the reason why this is a beter solution. There are good reasons for it, such as environemtnal impact and overall performace. I would also like to see the concept decrived from the angle of the user - how would this improve the delivery of healthcare in practice?

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