Integrating the Assistance Drone in Your Shopping

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The drone is part a service, organizing by supermarkets/shops, for their customers. This is reminiscent of a self-checkout, and similarly has an operator who maintains the drones and assists customers. The storyboard (Page 14) gives an outline of how the service would function, and that it is something that could help various personas. On the other pages (9-13), there are details regarding the sizes of the drones, and how the shopping items would be held within the drone.

How could the customers pay for their items? A possibility is something similar to a self-scan checkout, however that brings up the issue of theft. So how could theft be prevented? What other features would need to be developed in order to make this a viable scheme?

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2 years ago

Did you take care of the safety with the Drone? So it can be dangerous if the propeller attack the head of people?
An other design idea is to include the option of a toddler-seat in the shopping cart version.

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