Hexagon Rear Deck. Designed for the TInnGO project by Ronald Jurianto

Topic DesignSafety and securityWomen needs in transport Smart biking

As part of a larger series of ideas tackling belonging management issues on buses, this proposed design utilises the space previously occupied by the rear bench to allow additional storage. Populated with tessellating hexagons, the rear deck is made to complement the proposed hydrophobic umbrella, tote bag, and rucksack, allowing them to be attached onto the hexagons of varying sizes. The rear deck also has spaces suitable for folding bicycles towards the bottom. Having hexagon-based visuals, this solution draws metaphor to the honeycomb structure by creating a lightweight yet strong storage solution while serving a message of environmental mindfulness.

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3 years ago

As we have already discussed, I love this idea.
The only thing that has occurred to me is an addition that might make it even easier to use: 
For example, if you have a whole wall full of hexagons, it might be difficult for some passengers to store their belongings in the upper or lower rows (older people, smaller). Therefore it would be great if this wall could be "movable". Maybe similar to a "wheel of fortune", so that you can pull the hexagon containing your belongings to the right height for your needs in order to be able to store and unstore.

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