Bus Floor Ramp. Designed for the TInnGO project by Ronald Jurianto

Topic DesignSafety and security

To accommodate mechanical components, buses have elevated floor around the wheels. Increased by 450mm, this area poses a challenge for users to climb. To bridge the compromise, a half-step platform is proposed to allow users to reach this area more easily. Having seats right above this area also allows passengers to sit without having to first climb onto the raised floor. Lastly, the bench at the back of the bus could be reconfigured into a rear deck, so users are not forced to climb the area to sit but rather be motivated to climb it for a different purpose.

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3 years ago

The ramp would make good use of the previously lost space. On the one hand, seating is created at different heights, which benefits the different needs of the users. On the other hand, one can move inside the bus without tripping hazards, which makes these seats more accessible for different users (elderly people, small children, etc.).

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