Side-wall Storage Pockets. Designed for the TInnGO project by Ronald Jurianto

Topic DesignWomen needs in transport

As part of a larger series of ideas tackling belonging management issues on buses, this solution focuses on enabling users with storage using limited resources. Space-wise, the pockets utilise unused space on the side-walls of buses, whereas material-wise the pockets are created of unused seat upholstery and old tyres. Enabling users more options to store their belongings, this hexagon-themed solution offers higher space efficiency due to its tessellating nature while highlighting the message of environmental mindfulness on buses, by metaphorically resembling honeycombs and physically upcycling decommissioned resources from older buses to create convenience for bus passengers.

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3 years ago

Practical, nice to look at and easy to use = perfect :) Especially the sustainability concept of making the hexagons from recycled materials and the overall concept with regard to the additional and water-repelled items that Ronald designed.



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