Under Seat Stowage. Designed for the TInnGO project by Ronald Jurianto

Topic DesignSafety and securityWomen needs in transport

As part of a larger series of ideas tackling belonging management issues on buses, this proposed idea utilises the space closest to users to enable a spacious, safe, and intuitive storage solution for their belongings. Taking inspiration from air travel, the solution’s strength lies on enabling users to store their belongings without breaking eye contact, ensuring users of their belongings’ security. The provided hook works alongside the front and side barriers to ensure bags remain stationary and out of reach from others, whereas the water drain ensures bags remain dry even if the stowage had been soaked by previous users.

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3 years ago

Mindful and beautiful design. This way, the bags or luggage no longer stand in the aisles and hinder the passengers when getting on and off the vehicle and/or finding their seats. In addition, passengers no longer have to carry the bags on their laps (especially when they are wet from rain).

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