Inclusion: Passengers with cognitive disabilities

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For some people with cognitive disabilities, dealing with strangers is a challenge. The use of public transport can quickly become an obstacle. In order to enable these (potential) passengers to use public transport in a pleasant and stress-free way, it would make sense to create strategies or communication aids that enable public transport staff (drivers, inspectors, etc.) and cognitively impaired passengers to interact with each other or to deal with each other "properly".


  • Public transport staff are trained in advance.
  • Means and strategies are recorded as regulations and shared with the community

Communication Means & Strategies:

  • Perhaps a set of cards with illustrations that reflect a sample dialogue.
  • Could also be available digitally on a tablet
  • Perhaps a talker (see illustration) could be provided to drivers/inspectors


  • Avoid stigma

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Evaluating the contribution


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2 years ago

It seems that there are similarities to the communication method and its digital adjustability, used for the feedback app may be useufl to prompt development from this overall statement.

Please see link below:

Any thoughts?

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