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The idea

To promote in an attractive yet unconventional mass sport/ movement/ smart mobility by rewarding those who are opened to do it.


In a regular city bus station a special booth can be installed (with dedicated software and video camera) where commuters have the possibility to do 10/15/20 squats ( or fandations or any other easy-to-do sport exercise- pushups would be a bit too much) for a free TICKETINnGo. This proposal is challenging the commuters to take more exercise and perform physical activity while waiting for the bus or gadget waisted time as it would be on a regular bus waiting.

Highlights to be used:

                            Sit and wait?!?

                          Fit while waiting!

             20 squats for a free TICKETINnGo!


The place(s) to apply it

In every city of each TInnGo partner, all over Europe.

The cost

The cost mainly covers the software maintenence which can be detailed along a contractual period. A very good collaboration between the local authorities and the local public transportation provider is essential.

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Evaluating the contribution

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3 years ago

Good afetrnoon again. Do you envisage these booths to have any sports "tools"/ machines?

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3 years ago

Good afternoon. Is there potential for this project to be implemented all around the city (eg: parks, plazas, train stations, airports, etc..)? If that is a possibility, a space and shape modularity apporach should be taken.

The TInnGO project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no 824349.
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