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These are new bus seats to reduce harassment. Not giving you more information about the seat is intentional, as I want to get your first impressions before explaining the project any further. What are your thoughts? Please comment down below.

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3 years ago

I am worried that not everyone would fit into these seats as they are kind of tight because of the petals. It makes it also harder to sit down and get up again especially for people with physical disabilities. Even sitting there with your child on the lap would not work.

I am also a bit confused about the light aspect. I don`t see the need for such a functionality. For a passenger, this is a tough decision to make. If you choose green then you actaully agree to be approached by/ talk with any other passenger, if you choose red then you look like a "hostile" person. And in the worst case the red light is a red flag for other passengers and draws attention in the wrong direction.

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3 years ago

I love flower inspired design! However, I need some clarification on a few aspects: when sitting by the window will you still be able to enjoy the view? It seems boring to just sit in an opaque capsule and stare straight. Moreover, dangling feet seems painfully uncomfortable. Lastly, do we have any arm rest (maybe foldable ones)? It would be good for the safety to hold something when the bus is taking a turn. My sister says she wants a foldable coffee cup holder but I think she is being high maintenance :) 

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3 years ago

Hi Andree. Don't worry, in the actual design of the seat, people will be able to touch the floor.

The seats do spin, however, just like the light system, there will be a button/command that allows people to lock their seats in the position that they have chosen. This will prevent others from being able to spin the seats around without the user's consent. 

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3 years ago

Hi Paul. Initially, the idea came from discussions I had with some people I know, to get their views on what the issue was with public transport. Many of them answered that people will bother you, try to talk to you, and even if you make it clear that you don't want to talk to them and wear headphones, they will persist. The solution that I have thought of when designing this seat is to use color coding, which can be accessed in the interior part of the seat, as well as turned off if the passenger does not feel comfortable using it. The idea is to change behaviour by making the color coding recogniseable, so that when someone tries to start a conversation to a person with the red color code, the passengers around will try to educate the person who does not respect the color coding. I am basically trying to get the bystanders involved, by making signs of wrong behaviour very obvious, so that they can be more involved and try to change the collective behaviour. I am also trying to encourage the notion that if you do nothing to prevent wrong behaviour, you are as bad as the person with the wrong behaviour. As Martin Luther King once said: "He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it."

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3 years ago

Hi Solenza,

I really like the seats and what they are trying to convey. What sort of buses would these be used on? would they also help in reducing spread of infections

How does saying I want to be sociable stop me from being harrassed? Am I signalling I am up for banter if I put on a blue light? Is this a mixed message.

If I put on the red light - which I interpret as leave me alone,  I think I would be more frightened of being harrassed because I am indicating that I am vulnerable.

Are there cultural differences in the use of colour  and connotatons eg red light district

Not sure if the seats spin round, but if they do this, it may invite people to spin them and the occupants round causing more harrassment

Not sure if it was the intention, but the people's feet don't touhg the floor


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3 years ago

Solenza, please will you explain more about the nature of the colour coding on each seat and how one might interact with it?

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3 years ago

Hello Marco, I'd like to talk more with you about your idea of the default value on bus seats. Would you be available to discuss further?

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3 years ago

Like blabla car, but I'm not sure that bus passenger are wishing to declare their mood especially for short urban trips. Is there a default value?
Also, the seat seem to hinder lateral eyesight and this is surely not helping to make passenger feel safe.

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