TInnGO Round Table - Mobility Professions

Topic Education & trainingEmployment

The aim of this meeting is to exchange on the employment of women in transport as well as to promotemobility professions and facilitate the entry into this sector for young female students.

The round table will be structured around presentations and debates with four guests and professionals from different fields of the transport sector, inviting female students from different schools and universities interested in these professions.Marie-Xavière Wauquiez (FUB), Nathalie Ancelin (Femmes en Mouvement), Francesca Aceto (SNCF) and Manon Lavergne (Viluso) will speak about their experiences in the sector, reThey will discuss the barriers they have encountered and the factors of success, and answer students' questions in order to better guide them in their careers.

Is this type of event useful for your career orientation? What other types of resources do you need to get your career in the mobility sector off to a good start? What difficulties have you encountered?

Share your ideas with us in this discussion!

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