The TInnGO Open Innovation Platform is a collaboration platform that aims to bring together TInnGO national hubs, stakeholders and European citizens willing to address local issues of gender and diversity in transport.

The objective of the platform is to co-create solutions, foster discussions and share best practices to create a framework and mechanisms for a sustainable game change in the European transport sector.

Ideas Lab

Take a look at the design ideas of our TInnGIdLabs (design factories that encourage local stakeholders and communities to engage with smart mobility and gender issues relevant to them), comment and evaluate them, and share your own ideas.
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Would you like to know the community's views on a specific topic? Are you wondering whether similar mobility measures are being taken in other cities? Do you need information that you think the TInnGO community can provide? Launch a discussion and engage in a dialogue with us!
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See our collection of gender and transport initiatives in different European countries, leave your feedback and share other similar best practices with the community.
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The TInnGO project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no 824349.
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